Ethics and Professionalism Committee Update

The YLD Ethics and Professionalism Committee and YLD Litigation Committee hosted a lunch and learn with a panel of four distinguished judges on November 17th at the State Bar. Attendees had the opportunity to ask the Judges questions about professionalism and the proper decorum in the courtroom and in practice. Ms. Lilia Kim, co-Chair of the Ethics and Professionalism Committee, moderated as DeKalb County Judge Dax E. Lopez, Court of Appeals Judge Carla McMillian, Court of Appeals Judge Sara Doyle, and Henry County State Court Judge Ben Studdard answered questions about professionalism and provided guidance to young lawyers.  The lunch was attended by approximately 40 young lawyers. The Committees are very appreciative of the Judges for offering candid advice and entertaining stories from their perspective on the bench. The Event was generously sponsored by Huff, Powell, Bailey and streamed on Facebook live.

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