Augusta Affiliate Update

The Young Lawyers of Augusta (YLA) have had an exceptional year of service initiatives and networking. Continuing its support of the Turn Back the Block Project — a local initiative designed to revitalize the Harrisburg neighborhood through housing rehabilitation, new construction, and the promotion of home ownership — the YLA assisted in building another home, and completing landscaping projects. Will Davis, the YLD Secretary, came to lend his support and the YLA was excited to be a part of the continued progress of the initiative. During the fall, the YLA dressed up and participated in Halloween with a Heart, an event designed to provide an opportunity for children with special needs to Trick or Treat at the Patriots Park Gym. Members of the YLA also served meals and distributed coats for Augusta residents in conjunction with Under the Bridge Ministries for Thanksgiving, and participated in the Salvation Army’s annual bell ringing drive in December.

In addition to the service projects, the YLA hosted several networking events that were all well- attended and gave the members an opportunity to get to know each other while learning more about the city of Augusta and local businesses. During the summer months, the YLA had happy hours at Rae’s Coastal Café, which was sponsored by Elliott Davis Decosimo and Solé, which was sponsored by Wes Sullivan, Financial Management. YLA also highlighted local business Inside Drive by hosting an event for its members at the venue which features a BarberSpa and two indoor golf simulators. During the fall months, the YLD Inclusion in the Profession Committee generously donated tickets to the YLA, and the group was able to attend a baseball game, watching our Green Jackets take on the Lexington Legends.

The YLA is excited about all of its momentum and has continued to develop a strong member base as the young lawyers get to know one another and provide support for the great city of Augusta. Later this month, the YLA will be co-sponsoring a suit drive with the Augusta affiliate of the Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys (GABWA) to provide work attire for Augusta residents in local shelters hoping to start new careers in 2017.

For more information about upcoming events and how to become involved with The Young Lawyers of Augusta, please email

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