Recap of this Year’s Officers and Directors Meeting

The Georgia Young Lawyers Division Executive Committee met July 22-23, at Barnsley Gardens in Adairsville to deliberate and plan this year’s YLD theme, projects and committee directives.

Georgia’s YLD is often called “the service arm of the Bar” and YLD President Jennifer Mock plans to continue carrying that torch. Mock briefed the officers and directors on her theme for the year – children and families. As part of this year’s theme, she announced that GA CASA, Inc. would be the beneficiary of the YLD Signature Fundraiser. For two days, the Executive Committee met to develop ideas and direction for the 2016-17 year. Mock also briefed attendees on exciting changes for the YLD.

Of particular note, Miracle Johnson and Heather Riggs, Co-Chairs of the YLD Newsletter, announced a restructuring of the YLD newsletter, including new formatting and a YLD blog that will post relevant articles for the young lawyers throughout this state. Johnson and Riggs have worked diligently to increase broadcasting of the award-winning YLD Newsletter.

Later, Morgan Clemons announced Georgia’s Women Lawyers 100th Anniversary Celebration of the first woman to be licensed to practice law in Georgia. This event will be held on August 24th at the GA Bar Center and will venerate many of the leading female lawyers who pathed the path for Georgia’s current and future female lawyers. An exhibit and short commemorative film will be shown, documenting the achievements of Georgia’s female lawyers.

Ashley Akins, Ron Daniels and Elizabeth O’Neal, chairs of the oft-replicated YLD Leadership Academy, announced that applications would be available in the fall. The YLD Leadership Academy funnels young lawyers into leadership roles within the State Bar of Georgia. All young lawyers are encouraged to apply.

Of significant note, attorney Daiquiri Steele announced that she would be running for ABA YLD Assembly Clerk. All Georgia ABA-member young lawyers are invited to vote for one of our state’s best advocates.

President Mock also announced the upcoming YLD meetings:
– Summer Meeting: July 18-21 at St. Simon’s Island
– Fall Meeting: November 3-6 in Orlando, Florida
– Mid-Year Meeting: January 5th -7th at the Ritz-Carlton in Buckhead
– Spring Meeting: March 9th -12th at the Omni Grove Park Inn in North Carolina
The Board of Directors of Georgia’s Young Lawyers Division welcomes young lawyers throughout our state to become involved with the YLD. Please feel free to reach out to any of the directors on the Board to learn how you may become involved!

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