What Can the YLD Do For You?

The YLD has so much to offer! These are just a few of the ways that you can benefit from participating.


Opportunities for Service

With a mission of service, the YLD offers many avenues for young lawyers to give back to their communities and to the profession. As you read the committee descriptions
that follow, please note the opportunities that each offer for service. Additionally, the YLD conducts a service project at each of its general membership meetings.

Great Networking Opportunities

The activities and projects of the YLD put you in touch with lawyers in your practice area, others with similar interests and Georgia’s legislative and judicial leaders from every corner of the state.

Leadership Opportunities

There are many opportunities within the YLD to develop and grow leadership skills and abilities. These include chairing a committee, serving on the YLD Executive Committee or Representative Council and applying to the Leadership Academy.

  • Committee Chairs: The success of YLD committees depends heavily on the initiative, leadership and foresight of its members. If you have vision and leadership potential, we invite you to request appointment by the president as a chair or co-chair of a committee.
  • Executive Committee: For those with long-range leadership goals, you may wish to seek office in the YLD. There are five elected officer positions: president, president-elect, treasurer, secretary and immediate past president. Further, the president appoints the newsletter editors and a board of directors.
  • Representative Council: The governing body of the YLD includes the Executive Committee and the Representative Council, which is comprised of elected representatives from each of the three federal judicial districts, as well as at-large and out-of-state representatives. The council helps direct and implement the various programs of the YLD.
  •  Leadership Academy: The YLD Leadership Academy is a program for young lawyers who are interested in developing their leadership skills as well as learning more about their profession, their communities and their state, all while earning a year’s worth of CLE credit. The academy meets once a month for six months beginning in January. Participants are selected through an application process that begins in October.

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